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IP vs Analog cameras

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IP vs Analog cameras
26 June 2019

Security is one of the basic needs of all human being. These days there are a lot of ways to implement security. One of the most popular way of implementing security is engaging security cameras. Security cameras are an important part of our modern lifestyle. These days, there are a lot of criminal activities happening in our surrounding. But, many of them go unnoticed. This is when the use of a security camera becomes essential. Many places like banks, offices and houses use security cameras. Also, the presence of a security camera has reduced the crime rate significantly.

As far as security cameras are concerned, there are two variants: the analog and the IP cameras. The analog cameras were the cameras of the previous generation. But, the IP cameras are widely used cameras these days. There are many factors that are responsible for the growing popularity of IP cameras. Apart from the features that the devices get, the installation location also affects the productivity of the camera. CSSTech has some of the best professionals to help you in that. Here we will know how IP cameras are different from analog cameras.

What is an IP camera and how is it different from analog camera?

IP camera is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via the Internet. They are commonly used for surveillance. Unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they require no local recording device, but only a local area network.

<>Security: Now, you might wonder what type of security. Here we are speaking about video data security. Security cameras are made to be installed in a remote location. So, during data transmission, there is a risk of data theft. The IP cameras work over the network and send data in an encrypted form. This makes sure that the data is only readable by the real receiver and no middle man can steal it. But, the analog cameras lack that. This becomes a great disadvantage of analog cameras. Moreover, IP cameras can be installed in any location. CSSTech has some of the best security camera installers. You can get expert advice there.

Image quality and frame rate: The analog cameras are the technology of the previous generation. So, they have low frame rate. Installing a low frame rate camera on a location having a lot of motion can prove useless. But, IP cameras are more advanced than analog ones and have higher frame rate to capture lot of motion. Moreover, IP cameras have more powerful sensors to capture more detail. This has a great advantage in analysing the footage I case of any requirement. Again, companies like Hikvision provide high definition IP cameras in different price range.

<>h3>Cabling: Analog cameras transmit their data through cables and therefore require long bunch of cables to and from the control room. This occupies a lot of space and is not at all cost efficient for installation at distant places. But, IP cameras work over the internet and don’t require any cable to transmit data. Therefore, they are more effective in monitoring distant places. But, there are professionals who can do great cable organization. CSSTech has some of the best technicians in this field. Also, your cabling standard adds to durability.

Frame coverage area: IP cameras are equipped with modern sensors that feature wide-angle frame capture. This allows the camera to get more geographical area under their coverage. But, this is not the case with analog cameras. They generally don’t have advanced features like wide angle capture. So, their coverage is relatively lower than IP cameras.

Smart features: These day’s cameras have smart features like automatic scene detection, automatic frame rate adjustment and motion detection. But the previous generation analog cameras don’t get these features. These smart features help reduce power consumption of the cameras. So, IP cameras prove to be more profitable than analog cameras. Hikvision has many IP cameras with smart features like motion detection under varying price ranges.


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